Safety Oversight / Implementation of Safety Occurrence Reporting and Assessment [LEX-SORA]

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This course is part of the NSA Training Programme and is designed to support the implementation of the reporting and assessment of ATM safety occurrences at ANSP and State level. There are a number of regulatory requirements that place obligations on States and Air Traffic Service provider organisations with respect to ATM occurrence reporting and investigation. The regulations permit a significant degree of flexibility in the arrangements that a State may put in place to manage the collection and use of occurrence data. Consequently, it is important for the relevant regulation to be implemented correctly and for proper safety oversight to be conducted. This will ensure that the obligations of the State are fulfilled and that the information gained from safety-related occurrences is used effectively with the aim to improve ATM safety. This course presents the relevant regulations, considers some of the arrangements that may be implemented in a State to satisfy the regulatory requirements and reviews some of the mechanisms and techniques that can be used when conducting safety oversight of the national implementation of the regulations.
Although there is no preparatory work required before attending this course it is advisable that the course participants familiarise themselves with the actual regulations covering the safety oversight, ATM occurrence reporting and investigation (e.g. ESARR 2, ESARR 3, ICAO Annex 13 & 19, EU Regulations 996/2010, 390/2013, 376/2014, and Implementing Regulation 1018/2015).
After completing the course, participants will be able to analyse the content of international standards and of regulatory requirements related to occurrence reporting and assessment; recognise the differences between the various international standards and regulatory requirements related to occurrence reporting and assessment; and recognise the various implementation arrangements that are possible with respect to occurrence reporting and assessment.
The course is intended for a wide audience including staff from ANSPs, MoTs/regulators, CAAs/NAAs, AIBs/AAIBs, accident/incident investigators, military authorities/military NSAs, etc. involved in occurrence reporting and assessment.
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Candidates passing the examination will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Other candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member State Certified Organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 1200 EUR.
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