ATFCM Course for Aircraft Operators [NMO-ATFCM-AO-C]

Classroom Course
Provide a good theoretical knowledge and understanding in Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management and Network Operations, mainly focusing on the operational processes of the Aircraft Operators.This course acts as the fourth day after the preceding IFPS and CIAO or NOP course.Although not required, it should be combined with the preceding IFPS and CIAO or NOP course. Course Content First part: Theoretical and interactive Web Based Training module via the internet, explaining the general principles of Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management: "Introduction to ATFCM".This is a prerequisite before being allowed to register for the second part. Second part: - Classroom training at the Eurocontrol premises in Brussels- Introduction to ATFCM WBT discussion- Q&A- Ops room visitIt is strongly advised to combine with the IFPS Course (1 day) and the CIAO or NOP Course (2 days). Info- Both courses are in English.- For the second part a maximum of two participants from one company per classroom course is allowed.- Minimum elapse time between 2 ATFCM for Aircraft Operators courses is 18 months- It is advisable to combine this course with the preceding IFPS [NMO-IFPS-ADV-C], and CIAO [NMO-CIAO-ADV-C] or NOP [NMO-NOP-ADV-C] coursesIf you have not completed the first part, your application for the second part will be rejected.RegistrationOn the right of the course dates mentioned below, click on the Details button to register.
A pre-requisite E-learning module exists for this course which must be completed before attending. "Introduction to ATFCM" can be accessed from the Syllabus tab in the Classroom page.
Important Note
Please note that the original plan to incorporate this (from 1.1.17) into a new combined course available to AO operational personnel, which as one, will provide instruction on Flight Planning, NOP, CIAO and ATFCM,  has been dropped.
To give AO Operations personnel an overview of the possible processes utilised to identify ATFCM operational issues and the  methodology and solutions employed to resolve these issues.
Staff working in Airline Operations and engaged with Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management and Network Operations.
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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No fee applies for course participants from world-wide airspace users and participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisation. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme. The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 300 EUR.
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