Network Strategic Tool - Basic Course [ASM-NEST-B]

Classroom Course
NEST is a scenario-based modelling tool developed by EUROCONTROL which can be used by Member States and their ANSPs to design and develop airspace structure and plan capacity and perform post-operations analyses. NEST can be used to optimise available resources and improve performance at network level.
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After an introduction the course focuses on post-operations analysis and simulation of forecast future traffic. Participants will also learn to change airspace and network data within the tool. This changed data will then be used for the simulative assessment of what-if-scenarios.

The course will be conducted using a computer for each participant. After introducing NEST and its main data sources, supervised exercises with the tool will be used to highlight the basic functions.
The participants need to make sure that they have full access approval by the Network Manager to the DDR2 website to be able to work with NEST. Instructions on how to request access can be found here:
The course will provide participants with the skills needed to start working with EUROCONTROL's Network Strategic TOOL (NEST).
However, it should be noted that participants will acquire only a limited insight into NEST by attending this course due to the tool's complexity.
  • Capacity Planners at operational and strategic level
  • Airspace Designers
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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No fee applies for course participants from Member States’ competent authorities and certified organisations. The training cost is sponsored by the EUROCONTROL Work Programme.

The price per course participant from other organisations or individuals is 960 EUR.
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