Fundamentals of ATM Security [SEC-ICAO-ATM]

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Prior to 2011, ICAO Annex 17 contained references to security in the domains of airport and aircraft operators and national organisations. As a part of Amendment 12 to Annex 17, which became applicable as of 1 July 2011, ‘security for air traffic services providers’ was also included. Currently, ICAO does not have a dedicated ATM security training course. The development of this course will be a first step in addressing this gap.
ATM security is concerned with those threats that are aimed at
(primary scope) the ATM system directly, such as attacks on ATM assets, and (secondary scope) where ATM plays a key role in the prevention or response to threats to other parts of the aviation system (or national and international assets of high value) and limiting their effects on the overall ATM network.
ATM security measures, as part of aviation security, are designed to safeguard civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference and are therefore becoming ever more important in the ATM industry. This course provides participants with a systematic approach to managing ATM security risks. It teaches the participants how to conduct a security Risk Assessment (RA) and how to deal with the result of this RA, i.e. putting in place security controls. As an important introduction to ATM security risk management, the course sets out some fundamentals regarding scope, regulatory framework, CNS security and security management systems.
A basic understanding of an ATM system and ATM operations is required.
Important Note
This course is an ICAO training package (ICAO code: ITP/R/ASF/ATMSEC/006E). All candidates will receive an ICAO certificate from the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPeMS) and a EUROCONTROL certificate of accomplishment.
This course provides ATM personnel with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to integrate a security culture into their daily tasks.
Having successfully completed the course, the participants will be able to:
  1. identify ATM security assets;
  2. identify risks;
  3. select control options;
  4. and manage security incidents.
  1. Primary target audience: All ATM personnel (e.g. project managers, systems engineers, operational personnel, regulatory personnel, etc.).
  2. Secondary target audience: ATM personnel with security specialization  (e.g. security experts, system integrators, ATM security oversight personnel, etc.)
Certificate awarded
Candidates passing the examination will receive a certificate of accomplishment. Other candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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