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The ATC Trainer pogramme consists of completing 2 mandatory courses - TTI and OJTI and at least 1 out of the 4 optional courses - CCA, SIM, SFM and TRM.
By following the 2 mandatory courses candidates will acomplish the training required to provide the essential theoretical and practical training for ATCOs. By making their selection of 1 optional course to follow, candidates are encouraged to  choose their "secondary expertise". This means that in the cases where the Trainer will be involved in the provision of continuation training that incorporates designing simulator exercises, the natural choice of optional course will be the SIM course. In cases where the Trainer will be involved in the delivery of the HF elements of the ATCO refresher training, the optional courses are TRM or SFM. And if the Trainer is the Assessor as well - CCA course is the one that fits this profile the best.
Candidates can choose more than 1 optional course to follow.
In order to become eligible for the "ATC Trainer" diploma the time period over which the programme has to be completed is 3 years. Example: OJTI completed in 2016; TTI completed in 2017 and SFM completed in 2018 – eligible
Candidates are required to hold or to have held ATCO Licence.
Important Note
Any course that is made a part of the following training programme can be followed in isolation as well. In those cases the pre-requisites are different and are indicated in the specific course descriptions (e.g. TTI; SFM; TRM - ATCO licence not required). 
After completing this training programme, participants will be able to deliver the theoretical and the practical elements of ATCO training.
The training programme will also provide participants with an awareness of on-going regulatory developments concerning the role and the responsibilities of an ATC Trainer.
This training programme has been developed specifically for staff delivering ATC training. It is structured in such a way that by following the 2 mandatory courses, the candidate will accomplish - at least - the training required to provide the essential theoretical and practical training for ATCO.
Course fees are charged based on course registrations. Please see individual course description for more information.
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Certificate awarded
Certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
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