Oversight of Safety Management Systems [LEX-PRG-SMS]

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  • Video lectures
  • Tests
  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises
This training programme addresses safety management concepts, principles and practices from the perspectives of both service providers and competent authorities.
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Important Note
There is currently no registration on programmes: you will be auto-registered at the completion of the first course of the programme.
After completing this training programme, participants will have a solid understanding of:
  • the concepts, principles and key elements of a safety management system;
  • best practices in safety management;
  • the key aspects to be considered during the safety oversight of safety management systems implemented by ANSPs.
This training programme has been developed specifically for staff working in an NSA, involved in the oversight of safety management systems.
Certificate awarded
Certificates will be awarded for each course. In addition, participants who complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of achievement.
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