ATM Summer School [GEN-ATM-UNI]

Classroom Course
  • Video lectures
  • Tests
  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises
  • Online collaboration
The first three days of the week-long Summer School Programme start with an overview of the current Air Traffic Management (ATM) situation and its main actors in a challenging context. Other topics covered are the European Union’s Performance Scheme, with its binding performance targets, and evolving traffic forecasts.
In addition to technical subjects, a pilot in active service with an airline will describe aviation’s constraints from an airline's point of view.
The last two days of the programme provide the participant with hands-on training on an air traffic controller’s tasks. After raising awareness about the different kinds of airspace used by commercial flights - how it is constructed and managed according to the landing, approach and en-route phases of flight -, the students are presented with traffic handling tools and safety nets used by controllers; they will also take a brief look at possible future tools.
This is all then brought together in a unique opportunity for participants to control traffic on high-fidelity simulators in the en-route phase of flight as well as a Tower simulation. Experienced air traffic control instructors will help participants maximise their understanding and appreciation of the thought processes required to handle busy traffic scenarios in modern-day European airspace.
This training course provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from the different experts lecturing in this Summer School Programme.
The following list are mandatory e-learning modules for ZHAW students (those e-learning modules are optional for any other student): GEN-ATM-INTRO, ATC-TEAMW, SAF-NETS, ENV-INTRO, NAV-PBN-AWR, NMO-ATFCM-FE-E, NMO-ATFM-INTRO, SAF-SM1, APT-ACDM-E. The following list are optional e-learning modules available to all students : LEX-FRAM,  NMO-ATFCM-OPS-E, ATC-I-BASIC-ACFT, ATC-I-BASIC-MET, ATC-I-HDG, ATC-PFDB, ATC-I-SEAP, ATC-PHRA
After completing the course, participants will have
- A thorough understanding of the existing European Air Traffic Management system and how it may evolve in the future.
- Hands-on experience practical training on high-fidelity ATC simulator on TWR, APP and ACC.
- Interaction and networking of students from different universities studying aviation related programs.
- One week (aviation) English interaction only
University students studying aviation related programmes.
Certificate awarded
All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.
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The price per course participant is 640 EUR.
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