Cost Reduction Strategies for Air Navigation Service Providers [GEN-ANS-COST]

Classroom Course
  • Video lectures
  • Tests
  • Case studies with experts
  • Practical exercises

This course is the opportunity for you to learn from the best practices of international leaders in Air Navigation Service Provision so that you can reduce your costs and improve your operating results without compromising your safety performance. Find the right balance between meeting customer expectations, regulatory  obligations, charging for services and improving service quality and cost-effectiveness.

The course is based on the following activities :
Case studies, Examples, Exercises, Videos and Discussions.

There is an IATA written examination at the end giving you access to an IATA diploma: Air Navigation Service Management.


The objectives of this course are to:
- Gain a better understanding of the nature of ANSP economic costs
- Learn how to approach cost reductions strategically
- Learn tools and techniques for managing costs
- Discuss specific cost reduction strategies from the corporate and airline perspectives
- Review benchmarking cost efficiency studies
- Learn about opportunities to offset the cost of providing services
- Learn how to avoid and/or mitigate cost risks
- Discuss human factors in reducing costs


Executives and managers of Air Navigation Service Providers
Airline managers responsible for user charges
Members of the IATA User Charges Committee

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