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This course is approved by the Belgian Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services (BSA-ANS) as compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 of 20 Feb 2015. Find out more about the approval and/or download the certificate.

A key element of assuring the safety of air traffic services is ensuring that controllers are competent to perform their tasks safely. Because of this, both the EC Single European Sky regulatory framework and EUROCONTROL Guidelines Material include obligations to ensure that a controller is assessed as competent before being granted an air traffic controller licence. This course deals with the processes used within a formal competence scheme to evaluate the competence of air traffic controllers for the first operational competency and for continuing competence.The course supports the use of both practical and oral assessment as tools to determine the initial operational competency of a controller and provides participants with the rationale, knowledge, techniques and practical skills needed to undertake the role Competence Assessor. In addition, the use of dedicated checks and continuous assessment are covered as methods to evaluate the continuing competence of air traffic controllers.
Participants must hold or have held an air traffic controller licence.
After completing this regulated course, participants will have been assessed on practical and pedagogical skills of competence assessment and will have an understanding of the current European controller competence regulations and the principles of competence checking. In addition, participants will have an appreciation of competence assessment techniques and ‘best practice’ to prepare them to take on the role of Competence Assessor.
This course takes place over 5 days.
This course is designed for controllers who will carry out the certification of competence of other controllers for either the issue of new qualifications or the renewal of existing qualifications.
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The price per course participant is 1600 EUR.
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