UAS Remote Pilot Open Category - A1+A3 [GEN-UAS-OPEN-A1+A3]

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The course has been developed as a partnership between the Direction de l'Aviation Civile of Luxembourg and EUROCONTROL.

The EU Regulation 2019/947 requires that any remote pilot operating an unmanned aircraft system (typically referred to as "drones") in the UAS Open category A1 or A3 undertake an online training course followed by the successful completion of a theoretical examination.

Using lots of practical examples and real life scenarios, this interactive online training course and examination covers the knowledge required by UAS remote pilot in the areas of air safety, airspace restrictions, aviation regulations, human performance limitations, operational procedures, UAS general knowledge, privacy and data protection, insurance and security.
Important Note
Successful completion of this course means that the participant has both completed the course and successfully passed the examinations. Examinations will be locked after successful completion.
By the end of this course, the student should have the knowledge required to:
  • prepare yourself and your drone for flight
  • decide when it is safe to fly your drone and when it is not
  • fly your drone in a way that ensures you respect the rules
  • react appropriately to abnormal and emergency situations, both in-flight and on the ground
You need to plan 2 hours to complete this course.
Remote pilots wishing to operate in the European UAS Open Category A1 and/or A3
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This course is free of charge.
Certificate awarded
Candidates who complete the course will receive a certificate from DAC, which they can download under the heading "Remote Pilot Certificates".
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