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Logging in

What is Training Zone?

Training Zone is the EUROCONTROL gateway for training and learning. It allows visitors and users to view the courses offered by EUROCONTROL, and access these courses either in part or fully. It also allows EUROCONTROL to plan and administer these courses.

When do I need to log in?

Access to the catalogues of the Training Institute is available without login. To register on or study courses, you need to log in.

I am a EUROCONTROL Employee, how do I log in?

As a EUROCONTROL Employee, you log in using your myORBITe login and password. This is the login you also use to access the internet or flexitime.

I want to change my password, how can I do that?

Change Password

To change your password,

  • In the top bar menu go to "[Your name] > my account > Change password" (as shown)
  • Enter the old password in the first box
  • Enter the new password in the second and third box
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button to save your password. A message will confirm the change.


I don't have a login name, what should I do?

If you don't have an account, you can request one. Accounts are free of charge. You will be sent an email with instructions immediately.

EUROCONTROL Employees can log in using their myORBITe login and password.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Please use the "Forgot your login or password?" link on the login page.

If you don't receive an email, the email address in your account is out of date: in this case contact Training Zone Support.

EUROCONTROL Employees please remember to use your myORBITe login and password. If you have forgotten your myORBITe password, please contact the IT support desk.

I forgot my login name, what should I do?

Please use the "Forgot your login or password?" link on the login page.

If you don't receive an email, the email address in your account is out of date: in this case contact Training Zone Support.

EUROCONTROL Employees please remember to use your myORBITe login and password. If you have forgotten your myORBITe password, please contact the IT support desk.

I want to edit my profile, how can I do that?

Edit Profile

To edit your profile,

  • In the top bar menu go to "[Your name] > my account > Edit profile" (as shown)
  • Change any details you wish to change.
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button when you have done all required edits.

Some fields are blocked: if one of these requires changes, contact Training Zone Support

EUROCONTROL Employees note that some of the staff data is imported centrally. These fields are blocked in your Training Zone profile. If this is incorrect, please contact your unit secretary to have peoplesoft updated.

I am an EUROCONTROL Employee, how do I change my line manager?

Training requirements are usually discussed with your line manager during your annual appraisal: this is why we synchronise line managers with the ePA application. If your line manager in Training Zone is wrong, please contact ICS or ePA support, and have them correct your line manager in ePA. Once this is done, Training Zone will be automatically updated the next morning.

If your line manager in ePA is correct, please contact Training Zone Support.

How can I reject the terms & conditions?

To reject the terms & conditions of Training Zone,

  • log in
  • in your personal menu, go to 'My account'
  • go to the tab 'View terms & conditions'
  • scroll to the bottom of the page, and press the reject button.

Your account will be disabled immediately - you will no longer be able to log in. You can at any time reactivate it, by requesting a new password. If you want your account to be deleted completely, please see the relevant question below.

What are my data privacy rights?

Under data protection rules, you have rights to access, rectify, erase and export your personal data from our system.

Practical instructions to enact these rights are given in the next four questions.

For full information on your rights, and disclosure of the data we store, access our privacy statement.

How can I access my data?

To access your data:

  • log in
  • view the menus 'My account', 'My courses', 'My requests'.

See also 'What are my data privacy rights?' above.

How can I rectify my data?

To rectify your data:

  • log in
  • in your personal menu, go to 'My account'
  • modify the data as required
  • when finished press 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

If you believe rectifications are needed in your course list, please contact the Course Reservation Office.

See also 'What are my data privacy rights?' above.

How can I erase my data?

To erase your data:

  • log in
  • in your personal menu, go to 'My account'
  • go to the tab 'Delete account'
  • follow the instructions carefully.

Detailed guidelines are available (pdf). See also 'What are my data privacy rights?' above.

How can I export my data?

To export your data:

  • log in
  • in your personal menu, go to 'My account'
  • go to the tab 'Download data'
  • follow the instructions.

Detailed guidelines are available (pdf). See also 'What are my data privacy rights?' above.

How do I report inappropriate content?

The terms and conditions (e.g. sections 7 + 8) require users not to upload content that is inappropriate, inaccurate, illegal, hateful, discriminatory or objectionable.

If you come across such content, please take a screenshot, and email it to Training Zone Support. It is really helpful if you note in your email the exact path you took to reach the content, for example, what course it was posted in (code and date).

The full terms and conditions can be accessed by logging in, accessing your account, and selecting the tab "View terms & conditions".

Using the Catalogue

Do I need a login to browse the catalogue?

No. You can browse the catalogue without login. You will need a login to register. Requesting a login is easy, free and immediate.

What is the difference between a course, a programme, and a media?

A course targets a limited set of objectives. The courses can be e-Learning, classroom, etc. Once registered for a course, you have access to all the information using the different tabs e.g. "Syllabus", "Library".

A programme is a collection of related courses. Registration on the programme and its courses are independent (i.e. registration on the courses is required in addition to registration on the programme) The programme itself does not contain training material.

Media (File, Links, WBT) are training materials available without registration. You can access them directly from the catalogue.

How do I find a course or programme?

To find a course or programme,

  • In the top bar menu go to "Catalogues –> Training Catalogue"
  • Use the search to find courses matching your interest. Alternatively choose a subject you're interested in to find the courses we offer in this area. In both cases, filters on the left-hand side can be used to narrow down the search results.
  • In the search results, click on the course or programme to see more detailed information about them.


How do I register for a course or programme?

Once you found the course or programme you want to register for (see above), in the page showing the details, you will be able to register for the course using the yellow button "Course Registration Request".

How can I find out what dates a classroom course is scheduled for?

Go to the Catalogue, find the course you're interested in (see "How do I find a course or programme?" above): For classroom courses, below the introductory section, all course dates currently scheduled will be listed.

Alternatively, the "Calendar" now allows you to see what courses are scheduled in a given week or month.

Why is there no AUDIT -2 course?

Please refer to the description of AUDIT-3: AUDIT-2 is a practical exercise which is done at the workplace. Other courses use the same mechanism, where a course with -1 and -3 in the code exist, but no -2 which is a practical task in between the other two courses.

Classroom Course Documentation

What are the types of documentation for a course?

Course documentation refers to all of the 3 elements below:

  • Course workbook: The course workbook contains the slides shown on the screen as well as essential annexes.
  • Course hand-outs: Course hand-outs support activities during the course such as exercises, group work etc. They are usually distributed in paper format even when the course workbook is provided electronically.
  • Course reference documents: Course reference documents are additional material selected by the instructor. They are usually made available at the end of the course in an electronic format.


What is the format of the course workbook?

The course workbook is provided in electronic format (i.e. a file to download).

The electronic format (the default format) provides several advantages:

  • It will remain available up to 10 years after the course has been delivered.
  • It is in colour.
  • It is easier to search information in it.
  • It does not add weight to your luggage.
  • It can still be printed.
  • It reduces the ecological footprint.


When and how can I download the electronic course documentation?

You will receive an email 6 days before the course starts. If electronic documentation is available for your course prior to the course, this will be mentioned in the email.

Please download the documentation in advance. Note that for some courses, the electronic documentation only becomes available at the end of the course.

I need the course documentation for my course but I have forgotten my laptop.

Inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. She or he will ensure you are provided with a laptop for the duration of your course.

How can I take notes?

There are multiple ways on which you can take note:

  • On paper: Using the paper notepads distributed during the courses.
  • Digitally: Acrobat Reader is the most widespread tool for viewing PDF documents across different devices. It provides a function to highlight and add notes on documents. If you plan to use this feature, we recommend to familiarise yourself with it before the start of the course.


I have forgotten to download the course documentation before the start of the course. What should I do?

You can either download it from Training Zone or ask the instructor at the beginning of the course to copy it from a USB key.

Any other problems with course documentation?

If you still have problems, we are here to help. Please consult the Getting Started Guide, or contact Training Zone Support.


Where can I find my course?

After login, your current and upcoming courses are listed: click on the title to open the course.

You can find a complete list of courses in the top menu under "[Your Name] > My courses". The page divides courses into:

  • current: courses you still have to complete
  • requested: courses you requested but where approval (from the course manager, or your line manager) is still pending.
  • recommended: courses we recommend you consider registering on, as they are part of a programme you are following, or because you are part of their restricted target audience.
  • completed: courses you have completed in the past, which you can review, and download the certificate.
  • cancelled: courses on which your registration was cancelled, either because you requested it, did not attend the course, or did not complete it in time.

Note that some classroom registration requests may not be listed here: you find these in "My requests".

My course has a Syllabus and a Library, what is the difference between them?

The Syllabus contains the material that covers the objectives of the course, and which has to be studied in order to complete the course.

The Library contains reference material: this can be material a task refers to (e.g. using maps and charts to learn about navigation), or material the instructor thinks might be of interest to the participants, but which does not have to be studied in entirety.

Why is my material not available yet?

On some courses, you are not allowed to start certain modules before you have completed others (e.g. the introductory module). On others, some material may only be available at a certain period, in which case this period is indicated to you.

How do I finish or complete a content item (e-Learning, PDF, test)?

Only content in the syllabus completes. Most content items will complete automatically based on their type (e.g. having opened the file; having viewed all pages of an e-Learning module; achieving the pass mark in a test).

On some courses, a "confirmation" button is available to the right of the media title, which you have to 'tick' to confirm that you have finished studying that content item.

On most courses you can still view content you have already completed.

How do I complete a course?

Different courses complete in different ways. The "Course conclusion" box at the bottom of the syllabus informs you on how your course will complete. This can be when all content is complete, when the you or the tutor confirms it, or after a certain content item (e.g. an exam) has been completed.

Note that completed courses are listed in a separate tab in the "My Courses" page.

How do I complete a course evaluation questionnaire or feedback form?

The course evaluation questionnaire is typically available 14 days after the course. To access it, log in (1), open the open the 'My courses' page (2), open the "current" tab (3), open the course:

In the syllabus, you find the feedback form to fill in:

Note that if the feedback form is greyed out, like in the screenshot above, you have already filled it in, or are too late. In that case, please send your feedback about the course directly to the course manager.

What type of certificate can I receive in a course?

EUROCONTROL courses currently award the following certificates:

  • A Certificate of Achievement is delivered by EUROCONTROL when a participant has successfully completed / attended a programme of study.
  • A Certificate of Accomplishment is delivered by EUROCONTROL when a participant has successfully completed a course that is assessed.
  • A Certificate of Attendance is delivered by EUROCONTROL when a participant has attended a classroom course.
  • A Certificate of Completion is delivered by EUROCONTROL when a participant has completed an e-learning course.

Note that material available without registration does not award a certificate .

I have completed my course, how can I access my certificate?

To access the certificate, log in (1), open the open the 'My courses' page (2), open the "completed" tab (3), find the course (4) and press the certificate button (highlighted by the arrow):

Where can I see the list of my fellow course participants?

To access the list of participants, open the relevant course: the list is shown in the left-hand column. Note that participant lists are only shown for some courses (typically classroom courses) and not for others (e.g. e-learning courses).

Note that the course may be listed in the 'Completed' section of the 'My courses' page.

How can I share my email address with my fellow course participants?

For classroom courses, you can see a list of your fellow course participants (see question above). By clicking on their names, you see their public profile. Note that by default, the job title, and e-mail address is NOT shown to your fellow participants.

If you want to display your email address and job title,

  • log in, and edit your account.
  • Scroll down to 'Preferences'
  • Tick the box 'Show my job title & e-mail to fellow participants'

Note that if you only want to share the e-mail address, you can empty the job title field in the 'Professional Info' section.

I have completed my programme, how can I access my certificate + transcript?

To access the certificate, log in (1), open the open the 'My courses' page (2), open the "completed" tab (3), find the course (4) and press the certificate button (highlighted by the arrow):

To access the transcript, open the programme (4 above), then open the "Progress check" (2 below), where you find a button to download the transcript:

How can I access my bookshelf

The bookshelf is no longer supported by Training Zone.

How do I cancel a course?

Cancellations can be done using your interface in Training Zone: "[Your Name] > My requests". Choose "Request a cancellation" from the action buttons of the corresponding course. Please consult the guidelines for a step by step description of the process.

Processing depends on the status of your registration:

  • For requests pending treatment, the processing is immediate.
  • For places already allocated, the processing takes more time. The request is sent for approval to your designated focal point who has the opportunity to offer the place to someone else. If you do not have a focal point or you have submitted a private request, the Course Reservation Office (CRO) will treat the request within a few days.

EUROCONTROL Employees can cancel internal training courses by going to "[Your Name] > My courses", and pressing the (...) button next to the course name. This will reveal further buttons, including "Cancel course" or "Cancellation request". If these buttons are not available, please email the course organiser directly.


What are the cancellation fees?

The following percentage of the course fees will be reimbursed in case of cancellation:

  • More than four weeks before the start of the course: 100%
  • Between two and four weeks before the start of the course: 50%
  • Between the start and two weeks before the start of the course: 0%

Students can be replaced with other students at any time without cost. Courses without course fees do not incur cancellation fees.

Payment and Costs

How much does it cost to register?

The Training Zone account is free.

Some courses may carry a charge, if this is the case, it will be fully visible to you while filling out the registration form.
Many of our courses are free for most of our stakeholders. See our Price List for further details.

What types of payment methods are available?

You can choose to pay by credit card of via bank transfer.

How do I choose the payment method?

You will receive an email inviting you to follow a link to select the payment method.

If you have an account in Training Zone, you can access the request management interface under "[Your Name] > My requests".

  • From the request management interface, the tab "Active requests" will show the request(s) waiting for payment.
  • Select the request(s) and click the button corresponding to the payment method at the bottom of the screen.

For Focal points: from the request management interfaces, the tab "Active registration & waitlisted" will show the requests waiting for payment. Select the request(s) and click the button corresponding to the payment method.

Will I receive an invoice if I pay by credit card?

Upon request, we will send you a payment receipt containing all the information related to your payment.

How do I pay by credit card?

Select the payment method “Pay by credit card” and follow the steps on the screen.

  • Confirm your billing information.
  • Enter your credit card information in our partner site.
  • Navigate back to Training Zone for the payment to be recorded.


What types of credit card are supported?

Visa and Mastercard

I have paid by credit card and cancelled my place. How do I get reimbursed?

After processing of your request, IANS Receivables will cancel your credit card payment and it will appear as a credit in your card statement.

Focal Point Features

(Focal Point Feature) Do I need to take action when I receive an email?

Whether or not you need to take an action depends on courses, types of requests and the context in which they were introduced.

The following actions can be expected:

  1. Approval: action is needed only when you have not entered yourself the request. Such requests are marked with the text "Request to be approved by Focal Point" in the billing section of the PDF. Requests for e-learning courses or requests introduced by you do not require approval. Note that participants who do not belong to you organisation are able to submit requests to you. If the user is not a member of your organisation, please refuse the request and inform CRO.
  2. Payments: if you are contacted for the payment of the course, follow the instructions in the message to select the payment method.

If you are unsure of approval or payment status, access your “Manage request” interface, and verify the status of requests pending approval or courses waiting for payment.

(Focal Point Feature) How do I know who has submitted a request?

A notification is sent to you immediately after you have filled in a request and the request form attached to the message are labelled “ Course request introduced by Focal point”.

If the request form you have received is identified as “Request to be approved by Focal Point”, the request has been introduced by the participant.

(Focal Point Feature) How can I approve a request submitted by a participant?

Access your "Manage request" interface, then, in the "Waiting for your approval” tab, select the request(s) to be approved in the list displayed and click on the “Approve” button. Approval will take effect immediately.

For urgent requests, if you are not able to connect to our interface, you can contact CRO by e-mail providing the request form or the request identifier (i.e. “ Request Order: 12345” at the top of the request form).

(Focal Point Feature) A staff has sent me a request (PDF) which is not in my Interface. What should I do?

Open the PDF document and ensure your organisation is listed under the field “Sponsoring employer” in the Professional section.

If you are listed as the sponsoring employer, forward the PDF to the Course Reservation Office for further investigation.

If you are not listed as the sponsoring employer, you should cancel the previous request and introduce a new one.

(Focal Point Feature) How to avoid/allow participants to be notified when I submit requests for them?

By default, participants of your organisation do not receive a copy of the requests you have entered. This applies only when you are logged in to Training Zone.

If you want participants to be notified when you enter requests, please contact the CRO who will update the preferences for your administration.

This setting will apply to all your requests.
This setting is specific to each administration, if you are the Focal point of more than one administration, you can set it per administration.

(Focal Point Feature) I work with an assistant, how can I provide her or him access?

One assistant or deputy can be nominated by organisation. Contact CRO to configure Training Zone according to your needs.

(Focal Point Feature) What is an approval notification?

An approval notification is a message sent after each approval of requests in the interface. They do not have any PDF form attached to the message. These notifications are sent for your personal records. No action is required further the reception of this notification.

(Focal Point Feature) How do I fill a blocked place?

Block places can be replaced via your interface. Refer to the guidelines for Focal Points for more details.

(Focal Point Feature) How do I replace a participant or move him to another course?

These operations can be performed via your interface. Refer to the guidelines for Focal Points for more details.

(Focal Point Feature) How do I cancel a request?

The steps differ depending on the status of the request:

  • Active registration and waitlist: select the request click on the cancel button in the “Actions” column. An email will be sent to CRO and processed manually.
  • Request waiting for your approval: click on the button “Refuse”. The request will be immediately cancelled.
  • On-going request: select the request and click on the “Cancel” button in the action column, if the request is pending treatment by CRO, it will be immediately cancelled. Else, an email will be sent to CRO and processed manually.
  • Blocked places: select the request and click on the “Cancel” button in the action column. An email will be sent to CRO and processed manually.

When the cancellation needs to be processed manually, the status of the place will be set to “Cancellation requested” until it is treated.

(Focal Point Feature) How can I download the list of requests?

In the top-right corner, next to the 'refresh' button, a 'download' button is available. It allows you to download the list displayed on the screen. The format of the file (csv) is editable in Microsoft Excel.

It is not possible to download all tabs at once: you will need to open each in turn, and use the download button for each.

Technical Questions

I have a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android device), can I use Training Zone?

Yes, the platform is compatible with mobile devices.

However, for some e-Learning modules, a PC with Flash will be required, and navigation in the module is not optimised for mobile devices.

What browsers are supported?

Training Zone supports the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) as well as the native browsers of most mobile devices.

Note that e-Learning modules are only tested on IE11, Firefox and Chrome. Please consult the course news before starting studying. If you do not see a warning, and you experience problems, please contact us: we will look at it and either modify the content, or add a warning.

Can I navigate to my previous page using the "back" button or backspace key?


Further information and help

I want to know more about the Institute, where can I find more information?

FAQs on the Institute are available on the EUROCONTROL website.

I want more information on the NMOC (ex-CFMU), where can I find it?

More information on the Network Manager Operations Centre is available on the "Network Manager" part of the EUROCONTROL website.

I am receiving emails from Training Zone, what are these?

  • Mails are sent in relation to your classroom course registrations.
  • Mails are also sent to notify you of changes to courses you are registered on (e.g. for new news items).

As these messages are essential to ensure smooth running of our courses, they cannot be turned of.

I am a Tutor, where can I find my Courses/Documentation/Help?

As a Tutor, you need to use the 'Admin Portal' (also accessible via the link in the footer). There, you have an additional "Tutoring" tab in the menu. This contains all the menu items pertaining to your tutor role, so the courses you tutor as well Help for Tutors.

If the Tutoring tab is not visible to you, please contact Support.

I still don't have an answer, where can I find further help?

If the problem that you have is not covered by these FAQ, please contact support.

Where can I submit Feedback?

If you have feedback on a specific module, or a specific part of Training Zone, please contact Training Zone support.

If you want to give us general feedback of your experience of using Training Zone or other IANS services and facilities, we would be delighted: please contact ians.partnership@eurocontrol.int

I have a formal complaint, what should I do?

The EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services aims to provide the services that you want and to make your stay in the Institute as enjoyable as possible. All Institute personnel are there to ensure that your experience of the Institute 's facilities and services is successful.

However, if you do have a complaint (or a compliment) please tell us.

If you are not satisfied with the service we provide or you would like to propose an improvement then please contact ians.complaints@eurocontrol.int directly.