Today is a "first time ever" for FEAST!


Today it is a first time ever for the First European Air traffic controller Selection Test!

We have tested the 10.000th candidate with FEAST in a single calendar year. When it comes to assessing suitability for the job of an air traffic controller, FEAST is the test battery of choice for 48 ANSPs worldwide.

Take advantage of IANS training offer on Regulation 2017/373!


We are ready for the change. Are you?

A number of new courses have been added to our portfolio addressing Regulation 2017/373 and its AMC/GM. These courses are already available to you in the second semester 2017 or early in 2018:

  • LEX-INTRO-373 (Overview of Regulation 2017/373): 2 days focusing on the main changes introduced by the new regulation
  • GEN-MANS (Management Systems for ATM/ANS): 3 days focusing on management systems and ISO 9001
  • LEX-COMP-ATSEP (ATSEP Competence): 2 days focusing on ATSEP competence as per Annex XIII to the new regulation
  • SAF-CHG-BASIC (Management and oversight of changes: The basics) e-learning focusing on the basics of management and oversight of changes
  • SAF-CHG-INTRO (Management and oversight of changes): 5 days focusing on the management, assessment and oversight of changes
  • SAF-CHG-AC-1 (assessment of changes to the functional system Part 1): 5 days focusing on the safety assessment and safety support assessment of changes to the functional system
  • SAF-CHG-MC-1 (Monitoring of changes in ATM/ANS): 4 days focusing on all aspects of the safety monitoring of changes in operations
  • LEX-CHG-OC-1 (Oversight of changes in ATM/ANS Part 1): 5 days focusing on the tasks of competent authorities as regards the oversight of changes in ATM/ANS

Visit our brand-new FEAST website


Discover our First European Air traffic controller Selection Test (FEAST), its structure and the advantages it brings to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). Becoming a FEAST user is easy, have a look at what does it take to implement FEAST at your organisation. Candidates about to take FEAST will find a reliable advice on how best to prepare.
All this information and much more is presented to you in an attractive and easy to understand manner on the new website at

4 hours with our brand new e-learning course will make you understand the basic principles and concepts of quality and safety management!


This is why: we have just published the “Management & Oversight of Changes: The Basics [SAF-CHG-BASIC]” e-learning course, consistent with the EC Regulation 2017/373. It introduces the basics of safety management of changes in ATM/ANS. You will also discover the context within which these changes take place.

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Liability in ATM


Find out how the adoption of new technologies (e.g. integration of drones in non-restricted airspace, remote towers, AMAN and DMAN, etc.) brings changes in the distribution and attribution of liabilities in ATM.

Our brand new “Liability in ATM [GEN-LIABILITY]” course includes an overview of fundamental concepts and ready-to-use tools to support identification, analysis and resolution of liability attribution in ATM.