RST - Radar skills trainer

Simulating the controller and the pilot working positions.
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Our Radar Skills Trainer (RST) is an advanced tool that :

  • enables users to perform pre-simulation (Part Task Practice or Skill Acquisition),
  • provides a realistic environment for training in OJTI skills,
  • includes exercises to support basic controller training and OJTI training.

It works on the basis of objective measurement. For any exercise a combination of predetermined objectives and airspace design provides a scenario to teach specific skills.

The RST simulates the controller working position (CWP) and the pilot working position (PWP). Trainers can use the Exercise Preparation Tool (EPT) to create teaching exercises or use the exercise scenarios supplied with the software.
A replay function is provided, to both instructors and students, so that exercises may be analysed at a later stage. In practice the student completes the exercises and receives a debriefing from the programme. The trainer can then review the exercise using the replay function and debrief the student on techniques and other items.

A networked course management system (CMS) version, offers additional facilities to manage the delivery of exercise scenarios to a group of students and to monitor their progress.

"Radar Skills Trainer (RST) -Open Window" [ATC-RST]
is a short module that contains a number of practical excercises delivered over the web from the EUROCONTROL servers. It aims to show current and potential RST users how the RST can be used in ATC training.

The RST is available as a standalone tool installed on a PC or for use via the EUROCONTROL Training Zone.

For more information on RST, please contact us by email.