Latest NM changes for AO [NMO-CHG-AO]

Multimedia file English (GB) 2 May 2017 08:46
This video presents the changes to Network Operations caused by the latest software releases.

Find here below the start time for each chapter :
Support to flight efficiency                          00:09
                RRP auto generated
                RRP by MILO
Airport Programme                                     03:05
                New Columns in CHMI
                C-DPI Reasons
Scenario Management                               06:20
Slot Swapping                                            16:03
Enhanced Flight Plan Data                        21:25
                FPL Process using PBN
                Traffic Loads
IFPS Workload Evolutions                          32:06
                POSRTE for DLA
IFPS improvements                                     33:56
                IFP indicator after IFPSRA            
                VFR above FL195
ATFCM Domain Improvements                    39:46
                Control of Additional Suspensions
                True Revision Process