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Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Awareness Package [NAV-PBN-AWR] (Direct Access)

Web-based training 12 Feb 2018 13:41
Open content
This PBN web-based training (WBT) package, designed originally for ICAO, has been significantly revised to ensure the EUROCONTROL PBN training addresses the changes introduced by the updates to the PBN Manual (ICAO Doc 9613 Edition 4) and the European Airspace Concept Handbook (Edition 3).

The new PBN electronic training consists of 4 modules:
• Using the WBT
• Introduction to Area Navigation and Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
• PBN Components
• PBN Implementation

It is anticipated that the total study time for the complete package should take approximately 4 hours; this includes time taken accessing all the activities designed to reinforce the learning objectives.

The overall objective of this re-designed PBN WBT is to provide all stakeholders, from airspace users to regulatory authorities, a common understanding of PBN and what has changed with the updated ICAO Doc 9613. The SES PBN Implementing Rule, which is currently under development, foresees the introduction of Advanced Required Navigation Performance (A-RNP) together with Approaches with Vertical Guidance (APV). The later modules ensure that the user will fully understand these relatively new terms and have a basic idea of what is needed to implement such applications.